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About the journal

In 2017, Uzbekistan Oncology Association became the founder of the journal “Clinical and experimental Oncology”. The journal was registered in the Uzbek Agency of information and press, certificate of the State registration under № 0916 was received on May 12, 2017, as well as international registration number ISSN 2181-9092 was received on May 19, 2017.

In addition, our journal has a Digital Object Identifier. This provides unambiguous and accurate identification of an object and access to detailed information about it (metadata) or directly to the object itself.

The journal is published quarterly, in 2017, two its issues were published. Electronic version of the journal is placed on the site at jaouz.uz. Each article passes review, all articles are published free of charge.

The journal publishes articles on the latest health achievements and trends of the development of Oncology service in the developed countries of the world, as well as practical research results and recommendations for treatment of various oncology diseases.

In the section of the journal “Scientific achievements into practice scientists” can share and receive information about current scientific developments of medical scientists, new medical technologies introduced in the practical work of medical institutions of both Uzbekistan and other countries of the world.

In 2018, journal “Clinical and experimental Oncology” was included into the list of scientific journals of HAC (Higher Attestation Commission) of the Republic of Uzbekistan, in which scientific articles in terms of running scientific works on Candidate’s and doctoral dissertations could be published.

Our contacts:
Website: www.jaouz.uz
Email: journal@aouz.uz
Advertising department: +(998) 90-805-23-87
Subscription department: +(998) 97-409-48-02